Planet Granite Santa Clara is Open!

We're no longer offering the day pass discount for signing the waiver before we open.

We'd still love to meet ya though!

If you're new to climbing, come try our First Time Climb or our Intro to Bouldering class. Both classes are $15 and are meant to get you climbing the walls in no time!

  • First Time Climb gives you a 30 minute introduction to bouldering, a day pass, and rental shoes. 
  • For a more in-depth introduction to bouldering, try our Intro to Bouldering class. This class is an hour and a half and covers essential techniques and body positioning that will give you a solid foundation to start bouldering.

Check out more at our front desk!


  • Fitness and yoga classes
  • Climbing training areas with Kilter and Tension Boards
  • Weight and cardio zones


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